Forge of the High Mage

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 The World of Malazan Deepens

A series of epic fantasy books based on the same universe as the Malazan Book of the Fallen.

A Three Volume Prequel

Before Malazan there was a world in turmoil. A series set in the early days before Malazan. 


Non-fiction contributions to publications, including the New York Review of Science fiction. 

About the Author

Ian C. Esslemont 

Born in Winnipeg, IAN CAMERON ESSLEMONT has studied and worked as an archaeologist, travelled extensively in South East Asia and lived in Thailand and Japan for several years. He now lives in Fairbanks, Alaska, with his wife and children. He has a creative writing degree and his novels Night of Knives, Return of the Crimson Guard, Stonewielder, Orb Sceptre Throne, Blood and Bone and Assail are all set in the fantasy world of Malaz that he co-created with Steven Erikson. His latest novel, Dancer’s Lament, begins an exciting new series that is set in the same extraordinarily imagined world.

Latest News

The first in a new Ascendancy series: Forge of the High Mage

Ian C. Esslemont is very pleased to announce the release of the first in a new Ascendancy series: Forge of the High Mage.

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Check out the review for Deadhouse Landing on Blogcritics. Publisher’s Weekly also reviewed Deadhouse Landing

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Bill Capossere at has written a review of Dancer’s Lament (2016) that you might enjoy.

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