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Dorin Rav, A youth out of Tali
Wu, Pseudonym of a young Dal Hon mage

In Heng
Shalmanat, A sorceress, given the title of ‘Protectress of Li Heng’
Silk, A city mage
Mister Ho, A city mage, also known as Hothalar
Mara, A city mage
Smokey, A city mage
Koroll, A city mage
Ullara, Daughter of a stabler, and a collector of birds
Pung the child-stealer, A Hengan crime boss
Greneth/Gren, Pung’s lieutenant
Tran, One of Pung’s underbosses
Urquart Rafalljara, A Hengan crime boss
Undath’al Brunn, A Hengan master thief in Urquart’s gang, known as ‘Rafall’
Rheena, A thief
Shreth, A thief
Loor, A thief

Of the Kanese Sword-Dancers
Hallens, Captain of King Chulalorn the Third’s bodyguard
Iko, A new recruit to the king’s bodyguard
Yuna, A member of the king’s bodyguard
Torral, A member of the king’s bodyguard
Sareh, A member of the king’s bodyguard
Rei, A member of the king’s bodyguard
Yvonna, A member of the king’s bodyguard

Ryllandaras, The White Jackal, also known as the man-beast
Sister Night, A powerful and ancient sorceress
Dassem, An acolyte of Hood, named by some the ‘Sword of Hood’
Liss, A resident mage of Li Heng
K’rul, An elder god