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Of the Malazan Expeditionary Force
Greymane / Orjin Samarr, High Fist, Commander of Expeditionary Force
Kyle, Adjunct to the High Fist
Nok, Admiral, Commander of Naval forces
Swirl, Admiral of Moranth Blue forces
Rillish Jal Keth, Divisional Fist of the Fourth Army
Khemet Shul, Divisional Fist of the Eighth Army
Devaleth, Cadre mage

Malazan 17th Squad, 4th Company, 2nd Division, Fourth Army
Betteries, Company Captain
Goss, Sergeant
Pyke, Heavy infantry
Yana, Heavy infantry
Suth, Heavy infantry
Lard, Heavy infantry
Dim, Heavy infantry
Wess, Heavy infantry
Len, Saboteur
Keri, Saboteur
Faro, Scout

Urfa, Lieutenant of 4th Company saboteurs
Twofoot, Sergeant of the 6th
Coral, Sergeant of the 20th
Tolat, A Barghast scout of 4th Company

Of the Malazan Sixth Army
Yeull ‘ul Taith, Overlord
Ussü, High Mage and Adviser
Borun, Commander of Black Moranth
Enesh-jer, Envoy of the Overlord

On the Stormwall
Hiam, Lord Protector of the Stormwall, Commander of all Korelri
Quint, Senior officer (Wall Marshal) of the Stormwall
Shool, Aide to Hiam
Toral Stimins, Master Engineer
Iron Bars, Champion of the Stormwall, and Crimson Guard Avowed
Corlo, A prisoner and Crimson Guardsman
Jemain, A prisoner and member of Bars’ crew
Hagen, Ex-Champion of the Stormwall
Tollen, A Malazan prisoner

In the Kingdom of Rool
Bakune, Chief Assessor of Banith
Karien’el, Lieutenant, later Captain, of the City Watch
Hyuke, A city watchman
Puller, A city watchman
Starvann Arl, Abbot of Our Lady the Saviour Cloister and Hospice
Ipshank, An ex-priest of Fener
Manask, A thief

Of the Jourilan Army of Reform
Beneth, Spiritual leader
Hegil Lesour ‘an ‘al, Commander of the cavalry
Martal, Commander of the army, the ‘Black Queen’
Ivanr, Ex-Grand Champion of the Jourilan Imperial Games
Carr, A lieutenant of the army

Of the Crimson Guard
The Synod of Stygg
Totsin Jurth the Third
Brother Carfin
Sister Gosh
Sister Esa
Sister Nebras
Brother Jool

In the Shadow Realm
Kiska, One-time bodyguard to Tayschrenn, High Mage of the Empire
Jheval, An agent of the Queen of Dreams

Of the Sea-Folk
Orzu, Patriarch of his clan