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In Darujhistan
Coll, A Council member
Rallick Nom, A retired assassin
Krute, An assassin
Scholar Ebbin, An independent antiquarian/historian
Humble Measure, A native of Cat and rumoured power behind local underworld
Torvald Nom, A native of Darujhistan
Tiserra, Torvald’s wife, and a potter
Jeshin Lim, A Council member
Redda Orr, A Council member
Barathol Mekhar, A smith
Scillara, Barathol’s wife
Vorcan Radok / Lady Varada, Head of House Nom and onetime Mistress of Darujhistan’s assassins
Lady Envy, A visiting noble lady and mage
Leff, A guard
Scorch, A guard
Picker, A retired Bridgeburner and partner in K’rul’s Bar
Blend, A retired Bridgeburner and partner in K’rul’s Bar
Spindle, A retired Bridgeburner
Duiker, Once the Malazan Empire’s Imperial Historian
Fisher, A bard, a regular at K’rul’s Bar
Madrun, Colourful guard of Nom Manor
Lazan Door, Colourful guard of Nom Manor
Thurule, Lady Envy’s guard
Studlock / Studious Lock, A castellan

Of the T’orrud Cabal
Baruk, An alchemist
Taya, A dancing girl and assassin
Hister, A dead necromancer
Aman, An erstwhile shopkeeper
Derudan, A witch

The Phoenix Inn Regulars
Meese, Proprietor
Sulty, Server
Scurve, Barkeeper
Jess, A new server
Chud, Cook
Kruppe, A thief

At the Spawns
Malakai, A thief
Antsy, A Malazan veteran
Jallin “Jumper”, A treasure-hunter
Orchid, A young woman
Corien Lim, Son of a noble Darujhistan family

Of the Seguleh
Jan, Second
Gall, Third
Palla, Sixth
Lo, Eighth
Oru, Eleventh
Iralt, Fifteenth
Shun, Eighteenth
Ira, Twentieth
Beru, Of the Thirtieth
Horul, Of the Hundredth
Sall, Of the Three Hundredth
Sengen, A prirest

At the Shores of Creation
Leoman / Jheval, An agent of the Queen of Dreams
Kiska, An ex-Claw
Then-aj-Ehliel / Thenaj, An inhabitant
Maker, Inhabitant
Korus, A powerful demon

Of the Malazans
Aragan, Ambassador to Darujhistan, commander of Malazan forces in
Captain Dreshen Harad ‘Ul, Aide to Aragan
Fist K’ess, Commander of Central Malazan provinces
Captain Fal-ej, Second in command to Fist K’ess
Fist Steppen, Commander of Southern Malazan forces
Sergeant Hektar, Sergeant of the 23rd squad, 3rd Company, 7th Legion, Second Army
Corporal Little, Squad healer
Bone, Saboteur
Bendan, New recruit, Darujhistan native
Tarat, Scout, Rhivi recruit

Further Players
Torn, Moranth attaché to the Malazans
Galene, A Moranth Silver priestess, member of their governing body
Yusek, An adventurer
Caladan Brood, Warlord of the north, an Ascendant
Jiwan, A new member of the Rhivi ruling council
Tserig, Also known as “The Toothless”, an old member of the Rhivi ruling council
Cull Heel, A mercenary most recently of the Confederated Free Cities
Morn, A ghostly visitor to the Spawn